I've written a feature-length film script, Rooftop Poem. It won first prize in the 2006 Larry Neal writers competition in the Adult Dramatic category.

Earlier versions were a finalist at the Nantucket Film Festival script competition, semi-finalist in the writemovies.com competition, quarter-finalist in the Radmin competition, and second-rounder at the Austin Film Festival competition.

Storyboard for the opening scene of Rooftop Poem.

Though I worked with several script consultants, it was Sally Merlin who finally taught me the craft. A wonderful teacher, at once supportive and demanding, she understood what I was trying to do and gave me the tools to do it. I dedicated my piece Scènes to her, as thanks.

Of course the script isn't the end goal: I wrote it to make it into a film. I've completed the storyboards, and I would like to shoot it "zero budget" style, with me directing. I will also write the music.

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